So, I don’t listen to the radio. But even I’ve heard Adele, now, finally, thank god.

Admittedly, I’m a sucker for lady vocalists, and by vocalist, I mean women who actually have discernible talent, not enhanced by auto-tune, or who claim to be unique but are 85% costume and 15% typical club beat or  any of that nonsense.

Adele, well, woman’s got a voice.

Which is why people seem to be going crazy over her. Imagine, a singer who can actually sing. People also seem to marvel over the fact that she’s not super skinny but can still sell albums, which is a victory and defeat simultaneously —a victory because her talent is seemingly prevailing over societal expectations of a star’s physical attributes; a defeat because it’s even a question.

I hope she remains a crusader for the untypical star, keeping the focus on her music, rather than the fact that she isn’t itsy-bitsy. But mostly, I hope people stop talking about it.


Adele’s songs are catchy, which is another reason people can’t seem to get enough. Uh, oh … my hipster-senses are tingling… Recently, I’ve been trying to ease up on my natural inclination to be over  judgmental of music … trying. But with Adele, there’s just no debate. I’m not saying she’s my new favorite everything, nor have I run out bought her album, but I admire her soulful vocals and “I don’t care what you think about my appearance” attitude. Ella would approve.


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