Troll of the day

Murphy Brown is no Willy Loman, or riot grrrl for that matter

Isn’t it funny that it’s cliche for a woman to try to ‘make it’ in the city? That sitcoms and novels have adopted a sort of Murphy Brown syndrome, when comparable male-centered situations often take on a Willy Loman quality? I guess

there isn’t an every wo-man. For the record, women can be as tragic and humorous as men– and no, I’m not referring to Ophelia and Roseanne Barr (respectively). Can’t a girl want a little piece of the action without a hokey, low-register, piano accompanied theme song playing in the background? Not ever woman writer goes out with her

cougar gal-pals to discuss shoes and their latest male conquest over margaritas. Not every magazine writer is secretly jonesing to cover the real, hard-hitting stuff when they are surreptitiously intercepted by Matthew McConaughey or Meryl Streep. It just isn’t real, and it just isn’t fair.

Neo-riot grrrl anyone?


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