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So long Borders, bank account

I haven’t quite been able to stop talking about this whole Borders closing thing. As a book addict, the news has hit me pretty hard. I know I seem waaay too alternative to care about a chain closing, but this is serious business. If Borders can close, I don’t hold much hope for other book stores in the distant future.

Today I found myself at my “local” (store chains of any kind are at least 30 minutes away from Pennsyltucky, New Jersey) Borders. I warned my boyfriend ahead of time that I might fall to my knees and start sobbing  right in the middle of the store, screaming  “You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!” I decided that might not be socially acceptable.

Despite the not-so-great sales, the place was swarming with people that suddenly decided that they like to read. How convenient for you that your sudden interest coincided with the liquidation of a giant book store. Jerks. Where were you people the past couple years? (I can say this because I read, sometimes).

In any case, I bought more books than I should have and am probably/definitely going back. Though, I don’t think I have the appropriate constitution to handle seeing the place totally gutted. Oh, the humanity!


One thought on “So long Borders, bank account

  1. It seems as though books have been going out of style lately. It hurts to see bookstores going out of business or the library not receiving enough tax money. Borders was one of my favorite places in the mall. I am on the edge of my seat with anticipation to see what sort of pink-filled, Justin Bieber (i before e except after c)-adorned, fashionista mess of a store is going to fill its spot.

    Anyway…as much as *cringe* Twilight and the like *cringe* makes me cringe, I do appreciate how paranormal romance keeps people interested in (and loving) reading. Not the most skillful of writing, but still…

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