Troll of the day

Last class, end of summer ––time to be an adult?

This is the view from the sixth floor of 20 Cooper Union, where I took my classes

Today was my last class at NYU’s Hyperlocal Newsroom Summer Academy. This has been the fastest six weeks of my life.

Though I was initially hesitant about the class, it proved to be a really worthwhile experience. It introduced me to the value of social media in journalism, as well as the importance of establishing my own voice in the nebulous Internet world. I don’t want to sound cheesy, but it has been a real inspiration. I think I’m walking away from this class with a renewed perspective of the profession (and maybe even myself).

Now, with no school in the immediate future and without the three-times-a-week trips to New York City I’m faced with a frightening question: Now what?


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