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Remain calm. It’s just Tuesday… with a license to buy yourself chocolate.

There are two kinds of terrible people on Valentine’s Day. Those who suddenly, very publicly cannot get enough of their significant other. And those who  will spend a majority of the day railing against the card company-created abomination that is Feb. 14. Personally, I think both parties are trying a little too hard to prove … Continue reading

Troll of the day

Unrealistic resolutions? A giant glowing ball? It’s still winter? Cheers!

As the allegedly “most wonderful time of the year” comes to a close, the season for making and breaking self-deluding promises approaches. New Years. Gym memberships will soar. Smokers will attempt to cut back or quit. Social hermits will attempt trips “outdoors”. Etc., etc., etc. For a few weeks, maybe a month or two, many … Continue reading

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A case for the exclamation mark

You don’t see it often. It’s tabooed. It’s tacky. It’s overkill. It’s immature. It’s a punctuation mark that deserves a chance. (Sacrilege! Witch! Witch! — See? Useful.) Students, writers, student-writers, editors and the like are warned about the dangers of  the exclamation mark pervading the written word. Editors are told to remove it unless encountered … Continue reading