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A case for the exclamation mark

You don’t see it often. It’s tabooed. It’s tacky. It’s overkill. It’s immature. It’s a punctuation mark that deserves a chance. (Sacrilege! Witch! Witch! — See? Useful.) Students, writers, student-writers, editors and the like are warned about the dangers of  the exclamation mark pervading the written word. Editors are told to remove it unless encountered … Continue reading

Shouts! / Troll of the day

Facebook: Gateway to friends or delusion?

Aside from the recent deluge of statuses lamenting the new Facebook, I’ve noticed a minor trend on the site:  People announcing that they will be deleting their internet existence. I always sort of laugh at this –– the  announcement of their impending departure on the very site from which they intend to recuse themselves. It has … Continue reading


Found him!

He really shouldn’t have seemed so elusive. He’s not exactly inconspicuous. I’m almost positive I’ve passed him before, nonetheless, I’ve been casually searching for the Andy Monument for three weeks now.  By casually, I mean that I hoped to stumble across it without going out of my way. Like today. Since finding out that this existed, I thought … Continue reading