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Unrealistic resolutions? A giant glowing ball? It’s still winter? Cheers!

As the allegedly “most wonderful time of the year” comes to a close, the season for making and breaking self-deluding promises approaches. New Years. Gym memberships will soar. Smokers will attempt to cut back or quit. Social hermits will attempt trips “outdoors”. Etc., etc., etc. For a few weeks, maybe a month or two, many … Continue reading

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A case for the exclamation mark

You don’t see it often. It’s tabooed. It’s tacky. It’s overkill. It’s immature. It’s a punctuation mark that deserves a chance. (Sacrilege! Witch! Witch! — See? Useful.) Students, writers, student-writers, editors and the like are warned about the dangers of  the exclamation mark pervading the written word. Editors are told to remove it unless encountered … Continue reading

Troll of the day

They’re here: television shows I love. Also here: me. I think I may have a problem

I’ve entered a weird stage of my life. No, no quarter life crisis. Yet. But suddenly, I know when the shows I like are on television. I’m not talking some impromptu  encounter with a “30 Rock” episode I missed three weeks ago—I’m talking premiere shit. Before you JUDGE, I realize how pathetic this must sound. Which, … Continue reading