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Judge me not by the freckles on my skin but by the content of my iPod*

The past couple weeks I’ve found myself uncomfortably stuck in the car with my high  school self. Preserved in the form of an iPod nano (we’re talking generation 3), is my musical taste in transition. Current interests mix with the likes of Fergie, and god help me, Nickelback (just one song, I swear!). In my … Continue reading


Mumbles / Troll of the day

How to tell if you are prematurely entering stereotypical middle-agedom

In addition to imaginary hot flashes and constantly exclaiming “You never take me anywhere anymore!” here are a few more signs that you may have crossed over. The following are characteristics that I’ve observed. Secondhand, of course. You may act 30 years older than you are if… a productive Friday night consists of watching a … Continue reading