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A case for the exclamation mark

You don’t see it often. It’s tabooed. It’s tacky. It’s overkill. It’s immature. It’s a punctuation mark that deserves a chance. (Sacrilege! Witch! Witch! — See? Useful.) Students, writers, student-writers, editors and the like are warned about the dangers of  the exclamation mark pervading the written word. Editors are told to remove it unless encountered … Continue reading

Troll of the day

How I learned to stop worrying (almost) and love journalism (for the most part)

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a fairly nervous person, a quality that is often aggravated by my prolific coffee intake. Of course, my chosen career path isn’t exactly “stress free” (then again, does such a profession exist?) But  journalism, on a whole, from what I have ascertained, can wreak havoc on a … Continue reading