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Breaking: Ladies Have Sex Drives, Too

This morning the New York Times had an interesting piece in its style section about the dynamics of hookups on college campuses, “Sex on Campus: She Can Play That Game, Too.” Extra, extra, women have sex drives too! Ok, ok, so the story has a point (that has already been beaten to death), in that … Continue reading


Troll of the day

Woes of the gatekeeper

Following days of continuously inundating televisions, mobile devices, airwaves and newsstands with developments of the hunt, initial reports of the capture of teen-man Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev cited the same source — a tweet from Boston police. So, who needs journalists? Relaying information secondhand has always been part of the job. The reporter, simply put, collects, analyzes … Continue reading

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Separating the reporter from the reported: Should readers take a new critical approach to journalism?

Journalism is more than fifty shades of gray, and it isn’t exactly sexy. Today in class an interesting discussion sprung from Daniel L. Golden’s Pulitzer-winning series on affirmative action at U.S. universities. Golden, who largely examined the non-academic reasons white students were admitted to prestigious universities, is a graduate of one of the schools that relied heavily on legacy admissions:  Harvard … Continue reading

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Fearing the big move? Thrive and survive while living alone (it isn’t neurosis if you blog about it)

It’s been a while since I’ve buckled down and written something for this thing, but I’d like to jump back into it, coinciding with my maiden voyage into independent living. I’ve taken note of a few changes since moving into my new digs. I haven’t quite attained the Carrie Bradshaw glow — though I’m sure … Continue reading

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Remain calm. It’s just Tuesday… with a license to buy yourself chocolate.

There are two kinds of terrible people on Valentine’s Day. Those who suddenly, very publicly cannot get enough of their significant other. And those who  will spend a majority of the day railing against the card company-created abomination that is Feb. 14. Personally, I think both parties are trying a little too hard to prove … Continue reading